Friday, August 21, 2009

Inside the Box: Fears

Spiders, Cliffs and Jupiter! Funbox discusses our biggest fears are!
Funbox comedy fears phobias scary spiders baby cliffs driving jupiter space

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Comedy Fetish: Obscene Observations - On One Knee (HBO)

HBO Comedy Fetish Chris Rock Home Videos DVDs purchase comedy men proposing engagement

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chick Comedy Airport Security

Michele Balan talks about Jersey and the craziness that is airport security.
stand-up michele balan comedy comedytime airport security makeup new york jersey face ziplock baggy

StandUp Comedy Boobs, Oprah, and Boners

Get your weekly comedy fix as the funniest stand-up comics from across the country take on women, boners, rednecks, the Octamom, and Snuggies.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Butts, Butts, and More Butts VIDEO

Butts made it onto the cover of lots of magazines, which means they made it into 'We've Got You Covered,' Conor Knighton's weekly roundup of what's in the glossies. He reads them so you don't have to. Also includes Michael Jackson, the recession, the best places to live and start a business, Perez Hilton naked, a 'Saved By The Bell' reunion, rules for digital gentlemen, and mug shots of people busted in Austin. Conor Knighton News Week in Comedy Humor Funny Magazines Rollingstone Michael Jackson Make Up Music Newsweek Recession Economy Government Entrepreneur People Saved by the Bell Wired New Rules Butt Ass Busted Austin

Funny People Movie Review VIDEO

Funny People Movie Review. Judd Apatow changes his style, but can he work it? Then again, pretty much anything looks good next to Adam Sandler. Host Grace Randolph asks audiences what they think of this stand-up comedy expose. Enjoy Funny People!
FunnyPeopleReview FunnyPeopleMovieReview FunnyPeople AdamSandler SethRogen JuddApatow BeyondTheTrailer IndyMogul NextNewNetworks GraceRandolph FanReview FansReview Audience JonahHill LeslieMann StandUp Comedy Death Dying Love Marriage EricBana Drama